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Vitamin B12 plays an important role in our body and is an essential vitamin that belongs to the water-soluble vitamins. That it is essential means that the body cannot produce it itself and must be ingested through the diet.There are two different types of Vitamin 12, an active form (often called Active B12) and an inactive form. The active form, which is bound to the protein transcobalamin, is the one that the body’s cells can use. Though, standard tests today measure the total amount of B12 in the body, which then includes both inactive and active B12.

If you are worried about a perceived fatigue, thyroid problem or something else, then it may be related to low levels of B12 and it is important that you look at the levels of the active form. An overall B12 test can show normal levels, despite the fact that the active B12 form that the body needs is too low, as this part only accounts for 10-30% of the total B12. Our test analyze the active form of B12 so that you get a relevant insight in the levels of this vitamin in the body.

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About vitamin B12

B12 is an essential vitamin and belongs to the water-soluble vitamins. That it is essential means that the body cannot produce it itself and that it must be ingested through the diet.

One of the most important functions of B12 is the production of DNA. If the body cannot produce DNA, the cells cannot divide, which is necessary for broken and malfunctioning cells to be replaced with new ones. B12 is also needed for the myelination of the nerves (formation of special fats that insulate the nerves) and for the breakdown of homocysteine that is formed naturally during protein metabolism.

Our vitamin B12 test measures Holotranscobalamin, which is the active amount of B12 in the body. Active B12 is a safe marker to detect if there is a B12 deficiency as it has a higher sensitivity than MMA (methyl malonate).

B12 – special absorption capacity

B12 belongs to the water-soluble vitamins but is not really soluble in water or fat-soluble substances. The uptake of B12 into the body requires a special mechanism, the so called Intrinsic Factor (IF). Intrinsic factor is produced by oxygen-forming cells in the wall of the stomach and acts as a carrier for B12 into the blood. Intrinsic Factor attaches to B12 and the entire package is transported up through the intestinal wall, through the blood and to the liver where it’s either stored or transported on to parts of the body that need the vitamin.

The liver acts as a storage site for B12 and can last up to 20 years. Unlike other B vitamins, the body does not need a regular supply of B12 if the depot is full due to the liver’s storage capacity. At the same time, it is important to remember that certain vulnerable groups are at high risk for a deficiency of B12. In addition to vegans, alcoholics and people who have undergone stomach surgery are also at high risk of developing B12 deficiency. The reason is that these groups may have a reduced production of Intrinsic Factor and without this, the body cannot absorb B12 in the gut.

B12 – deficiency in vegans

Natural sources of B12 comes from animals only, which means that vegans have a non-existent intake of the vitamin and are at high risk of developing a deficiency over time. Common symptoms are fatigue, confusion, worsening general condition and depression. Severe deficiency can lead to pernicious anemia (special type of anemia), neurological symptoms that manifest themselves in the form of tingling and muscle weakness and which can also turn into a so called “burning feet syndrome” (this is du to that myelin cannot form and isolate the nerves properly). For vegans, B12 supplements are essential. How low the levels are in the body largely depends on which depots that were stored in the liver at the time of the change to a vegan diet.

You can easily get an answer as to whether you are deficient in the vitamin or not with the help of our blood test.


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