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What is Home Testing?

home testing

Before allergy tests became readily available, patients who had allergies, food intolerances, and some diseases had to identify the substance that’s causing their symptoms the hard way!

Patients used to exclude a food element and wait for a couple of days/weeks to see if their symptoms improve. This technique was extremely ineffective, time-consuming, and delays proper treatment for patients.

Nowadays, allergy testing is available at public hospitals and private clinics. Moreover, home testing is gaining massive popularity because of how convenient it is. You can get yourself tested today, using a hair or a blood sample, and get results in a timely manner.

Who could use home testing?

Home testing is indicated for everyone who suspects having an allergy or intolerance to identify the substance that’s causing their symptoms.

You could either offer a hair sample or a blood sample to be tested for different allergens, depending on the symptoms you present with, as well as the region you live in. As you may know, some regions in the world are more susceptible to certain allergens than others.

Final words

This is an easy, quick, and affordable technique that will save you a lot of trouble.

Moreover, home testing’s accuracy has increased over the past couple of years, adding more to its credibility.

Once you identify the allergen that’s triggering your immune system, there are approaches:

  • Exclusion therapy – you exclude that particular food/substance from your daily routine.
  • Desensitization therapy – this is done by a trained immunologist or an allergist who would expose your to the allergen in small concentrations until your body adapts to it and tamper down its hyperreactivity.


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