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What is DNA testing?

What is DNA testing?

The process of DNA testing is relatively new to the scientific community; however, it is a promising technique that hides enormous potential. After receiving a sample from your body tissue (e.g. hair, blood, saliva), technicians will isolate the DNA, using chemical reactions. The next step would be the sequencing of DNA, which is like reading the DNA to find certain patterns. The final step in this process is comparing your DNA to the database to look for any abnormalities. Now that you’re familiar with DNA testing, let’s see how this technique could help with your diet.

How can DNA testing help with your diet?

At first glance, the relationship between your DNA and the food you eat might seem vague. However, DNA is what makes you who you are; so, it makes sense that not all digestive systems handle food the same way. For instance, the way we metabolize food is different from one person to another, depending on their basal metabolic rate (BMR). Moreover, the ratio of macronutrients (e.g. carbohydrates, fat, protein) that makes us the healthiest is individual-based. When you send a tissue sample to the laboratories that provide this service, you should expect to get a personalized ratio of macronutrient intake that optimizes your health status.

How accurate is this technique?

While scientists are somewhat comfortable with DNA testing, the use of this technique to determine the type of food you should be eating is a novel procedure; thus, the sensitivity and specificity of the process are still a topic of controversy. If you have any questions about this topic, feel free to ask in the comment section below.

Emma "the Health Coach"

Emma is a committed certified health education professional and a lifestyle diabetes prevention coach with over 20 years of experience helping others improve their overall health and well-being. Her own genetic profile, personal health issues and commitment to maintain her own health – by using an excess of prescription medications - further strengthened her enthusiasm for constantly changing her own healthier lifestyle habits. Not only did her challenges lead her to think differently but she followed the most natural healing process. Emma holds a Wellness Coach Certificate and has coached more than 500 people on their journeys to reach optimal wellness. She has worked with several companies where she developed new wellness techniques and policies, created new training guides and supervised a team of coaches. She is part of the GetTested team, and aims to mentor clients from all around the world.


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