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Lactose Intolerance Test

149 £

The prevalence of lactose intolerance is steadily on the rise, and patients often experience mild to severe symptoms of indigestion after consuming dairy products.

The issue is exacerbated by the fact that most people do not realize that they have this condition until after years of suffering.

getTested’s lactose intolerance test is a simple breath test that can help you detect both genetic and non-genetic lactose intolerance.



Lactose is a commonly produced sugar that’s mainly found in dairy products. This sugar gets digested by an enzyme known as lactase located in the intestines.

As we age, the concentration of this enzyme declines, rendering the digestion of dairy products extremely difficult.

As a result, patients experience stomach cramping, diarrhea, and bloating.

Fortunately, with our quick breath test, you will pinpoint the exact issue that’s causing your symptoms and get a comprehensive report to help you avoid new episodes.

Testing kit will be sent to desired address, after purchase of this test, including instructions and pre-paid envelope for direct delivery to our ISO certified Testing Facility (lab) located in Germany. If any questions pre or post your order, we are happy to answer any questions during opening hours.


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