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Heavy metals are one of the biggest health problems of our time. It can create large amounts of free radicals in our bodies, which many researchers believe is the root cause of several of our chronic diseases today, ranging from dementia, Parkinson’s, diabetes and much more.

GetTested’s Heavy Metal Test measures the concentration of the following substances in urine: Aluminum, Lead, Arsenic, Cadmium, Chromium, Cobalt, Copper, Nickel, Mercury and Zinc.

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How to take the test

The test is a urine test and you collect the sample yourself at home. It is then sent to our lab for analysis and you will receive your test result digitally.

Who should take the test?

Heavy metals can be a hidden cause behind a number of imbalances and diseases. Because heavy metals can be stored in tissues and organs and cause very widespread symptoms, it can be difficult to link various problems to a toxic load in the body. Just a few examples of symptoms or diseases where a heavy metal test may be relevant are:

  • Hormonal imbalances (everything from thyroid problems to PMS, mood swings, etc.)
  • Autism
  • Skin problems
  • Alzheimer’s / dementia
  • Parkinsons
  • Autoimmune diseases
  • Liver problem
  • Kidney problems

…and much more.

About heavy metals

Heavy metals are one of the biggest health problems of our time. Ionizing heavy metals such as arsenic, cadmium, lead, mercury, aluminum, etc. creates large amounts of free radicals in our bodies, which many researchers believe is the root cause of several of our chronic diseases today.

What are heavy metals?

Heavy metals are ionic metals that are not chelated or bound to any organic molecule. Examples of such metals are arsenic, cadmium, lead, nickel, aluminum, mercury, iron and more. Such metals are electromagnetically active and can accumulate in the body and create large amounts of free radicals. Most heavy metals come from various environmental pollutants that we humans inhale. They also end up in our soils and in our watercourses. In the body, the heavy metals reach the brain, kidneys and immune system where they can disrupt its function and cause a variety of serious symptoms. However, the symptoms are very diffuse and can range from fertility problems to eczema and mental illness with depression, anxiety and restlessness.

How do heavy metals damage our bodies?

Heavy metals are one of the biggest health problems of our time. It is toxic to the body and most come from environmental pollutants. Lead is released daily into the air by cars and industries which we then inhale. Lead is also found a lot in our food and also in watercourses. It also accumulates in our soils. Other sources of lead poisoning are pesticides, cigarette smoke, pencils, etc. Mercury is most often found in amalgam fillings, fish and cosmetics. Aluminum is found in deodorants, medicines for stomach acid and in aluminum pots, etc.

When heavy metals end up in our bodies, they accumulate in our brain, kidneys and immune system where they create large amounts of free radicals that disrupt and damage several functions. Free radicals are atoms without electron pairs that react with everything it encounters to become a “pair” again. As a result, another atom or molecular compound divides, causing even more free radicals to form and chain reactions to occur. Cells can be damaged or die and their DNA can change and when the genetic code is attacked a mutation occurs and e.g. cancer can form. The free radicals not only accelerate aging, they also lead to a number of chronic diseases (for example asthma, allergies, MS, Parkinson’s, rheumatism, arthritis, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, etc.).

Mercury is a particularly toxic heavy metal that the body has difficulty protecting against. In many cases, the body tries to make antitoxins to neutralize similar toxins and remove them. When it comes to mercury, it seems as if the body has not learned to make any antitoxins against it, which of course is extremely serious. The biggest problem with mercury is that it disrupts energy production on the inside of individual nerve cells where the nerve cell’s ability to detoxify is disturbed and the cell then becomes poisoned and dies.

What can be done to avoid heavy metals?

To avoid heavy metals, it is important to avoid contact with them and surround yourself in a clean environment. Natural products that help the body get rid of heavy metals are chlorella, spirulina, seaweed, garlic, fiber products and intestinal cleansing programs.
Here are some more tips:

  • Remove any amalgam fillings
  • Replace aluminum pots and pans with stainless steel
  • Use only natural deodorants and cosmetics without aluminum and other heavy metals
  • Avoid gastric acid-reducing preparations that contain aluminum

Additional information

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You take the test yourself at home through a simple urine sample. The urine should be collected from your first morning urine. Remember not to drink more than 1 liter in the evening before you take your test (menstruating women should remember NOT to take the test during menstruation).

Your sample is then sent to our lab for analysis and you will receive your answer digitally as soon as the lab has analyzed your sample.

  1. Make a purchase on the website and pay with Swish or card (Visa, AMEX or Mastercard). Easy and safe. 
  2.  A test kit is sent to the address you enter when ordering. After your order, we will send home a test kit with instructions. It also comes with a stamped envelope that is mailed to us. It is recommended to send in your sample on a Monday or Tuesday. 
  3. Carry out the test according to the instructions included in your test kit and on the web. Our Support can also answer all possible questions, before and after submissions and results. 
  4. Send the test kit to our ISO certified lab and wait for results digitally. You will normally receive an answer within 15 working days after our lab has received your sample.

For more detailed instructions, see here under the category “Urine test“.


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