Menopause means a significant change in the body when the hormones change. Hot flashes, dry mucous membranes, decreased sex drive, sweating at night and feeling down are common symptoms and often even dip in energy.

It is only natural that estrogen/progesterone declines as we approach menopause. We live in a very stressed society that affects hormone change; it often happens much faster today than it should do without this stress. Previous hormonal imbalances can also complicate the process.

Balancing the body with herbs and nutrients is one way to stimulate the body’s hormone production naturally; adding bioidentical or synthetic hormones is another way. For example, most talk about estrogen during menopause, but some women need to support their progesterone production. Regardless of whether you prefer to work naturally or by adding hormones, it is wise first to measure the hormones so that you do not stimulate the wrong hormones or create a more significant imbalance, creating even more symptoms. Here you can measure your levels of estrogen and progesterone.

Other nutrients that can affect the hormones are the minerals copper and zinc. Zinc is usually linked to progesterone and copper to estrogen. Copper attaches to the molecules of estrogen, and therefore it is often said that copper can raise estrogen. On the other hand, zinc increases the production of follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH), which causes ovulation and leads to progesterone production. Here you will find a comprehensive nutrition test that measures zinc, copper and many more minerals.

Studies show that there is a link between vitamin D and estradiol. Women with lower vitamin D levels also had lower estradiol levels, and women with higher vitamin D levels had higher estradiol levels. So be sure to get adequate vitamin D levels during the dark winter months, if you are not out in the sun daily during the summer months, or wear clothes that cover your entire body. Here you can measure vitamin D from home.

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