Endometriosis can cause very severe pain, make it difficult to get pregnant or give urinary or IBS-like symptoms. In addition, the symptoms may return if you remove the tissue without treating the underlying problem.

Endometriosis and environmental toxins

From a functional medicine perspective, one looks at a few different factors that may affect the disease state. First and foremost, it can be genetic, but here epigenetics also comes into play, i.e. how our genes express themselves because genes can be switched on and off, i.e. activated and deactivated. Epigenetics is affected by the environment, and it can be anything from food and stress to endocrine-disrupting chemicals. Precisely for endometriosis, a connection has been found between being exposed as a fetus to PCB and bisphenol A, which are usually called xenoestrogens, but heavy metals and other environmental factors toxins can play a role. If you have been exposed to heavy metal poisoning, it is essential to find out what heavy metal is behind it to find out the source and eliminate it so that you do not continue to be exposed to it. Here you can measure heavy metals.

Endometriosis and intestinal flora/leaky gut

The intestinal flora and intestinal mucosa also have connections with endometriosis. Studies have shown that women with endometriosis often have higher levels of certain unfavourable bacteria in women’s menstrual blood, and many of these bacteria drive inflammation. These bacteria end up in the menstrual blood (instead of just the stool where they are typically found) due to a damaged intestinal mucosa that causes bacteria to be passed through the intestinal mucosa (so-called leaky gut). So looking at the intestinal flora and intestinal mucosa is an essential factor. Here you will find an intestinal flora test, and here you will find a leaky intestinal test.

Endometriosis and gluten

Furthermore, one should look at whether there is gluten sensitivity. Celiac disease is well known today, but there is also milder sensitivity to gluten that does not involve celiac disease, such as an IgG reaction to gluten. Studies also show that women had succeeded in reducing their endometriosis symptoms when they switched to a gluten-free diet. If you want to test for celiac disease, you can do it here, and if you want to measure if you have an IgG sensitivity to gluten, you can do it in our food intolerance test, which measures 80 different foods, including gluten. If you have an allergy to wheat or intolerance to wheat, it is not enough to remove gluten, but then remove all wheat products, as gluten-free products may contain other parts of the wheat.

Endometriosis is an autoimmune disease

Since endometriosis is an autoimmune disease, as with all autoimmune diseases, one should consider what is disturbing the immune system. It can be microbes, allergens, toxins, stress or diet, and it can help to think about when the problems have started unless they have always been there from the beginning. You usually think of pollen, fur animal allergy or peanuts as common allergens, but you can also react to food. If it is a mild allergic reaction, you can almost miss it if it only leads to a runny nose and instead think that you always have a slight cold. . Even if it is only a milder form of allergy, it can mean a clear advantage for the body to identify the substances that interfere and exclude them so that the body is not constantly stressed and disturbed.

Endometriosis and inflammation

Last but not least, it is known that inflammation aggravates endometriosis. Chronic inflammation creates an environment that continues to drive the disease. This means that you often need to work on several factors in parallel to improve and reduce the problems. New studies are looking at a substance called galectin-3 that seems to drive cell growth and inflammation, and they are looking at modified citrus pectin to see if it can block the activity of galectin-3. But it is very popular with an anti-inflammatory diet, and if you want to measure your levels of omega-3 and omega-6, which play a significant role in inflammation/anti-inflammatory, you can do this.

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